Ray Scalper

A month ago, on an Italian forum an user was selling a Ray Scalper license for half the price. I read good words on it, and I wanted to buy it, then I went in holiday and when I came back it was already sold. What a pity.
A friend of mine instead bought it for the New Year holidays and today he shown me what result he had.
Whoa! I can’t believe it’s THAT powerful! (I suppose he is using default setting, but I am not 100% sure)
He was lucky, the official account lost a lot of money during holidays:
At this point I regret that I didn’t buy it at half the price!
It has a 100 pip stop loss, but it makes 20 pips a day, so it can recover fast.
I am thinking about buying it, it costs $350 (+ VAT if you are in Europe, unfortunately…) With a $1000 account I think it can recoup the initial costs in 2-3 months, if everything goes fine.

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