Protip: don’t withdraw from “benchmark” accounts

Friday, my BreakON account reached the 20% profit in two months, so I decided to withdraw, halving the capital but keeping the same trade size: effectively doubling the risk.
Today I got a 140 pip loss, but, having halved the capital, the graph shows a cliff:
Today I lost 30 pips less than I lost on 13th december, but at a first glance it looks like I lost the double. Rightly, since the capital is halved compared to a month ago. (If on a 1000 euro account I lose 9 euro, it’s the 0.9%, but if the account is a 100 euro one, I lose the 9%)
In fact, on the profit tab, and on ZuluTrade, the situation is not THAT desperate.
Lesson learned: If you wanna keep a “benchmark” account to show performance on public, DON’T WITHDRAW and DON’T DEPOSIT, otherwise the graph will be distorted.
On the other side, some EA sellers could use this technique to distort the “verified” graph to their profit: if I got a 60 pip win, the graph would look wonderful.

10 thoughts on “Protip: don’t withdraw from “benchmark” accounts”

  1. Hello!

    I am interested by your blog. I wonder if you still have good results with NumberOne.
    You should put all yours systems on myfxbook;

    thank you for all yours interested articles

    1. NumberOne is breakeven (today win, tomorrow lose, today win, tomorrow lose) since September, but with two new suitable brokers added recently, in February should go well. I will write results here.

    1. It's the IC Markets. But I am having terrible results, slippage is too high, in average 2 pip on open and 5 pip on closing, so every trade that's less than 7 pip will be losing! I have to understand if it's the broker or it's my server

  2. Have you choosed the server recommended by steadyonfx ?

    2 another questions:
    – Do you know if the IB licence is only for ILQ?
    – I see a lot of NumberOne systems which is working well on FXPrimus (on myfxbook) despite the fact that steadyonfx said this broker is not anymore the good one for NumberOne. What do you think about the idea to choose FXPrimus ?

    1. fxprimus is troublesome. After a few months people found the right trigger settings to trade on eur/jpy on fxprimus, they change the freeze level, you have to start again on a new pair.

  3. IB licence works on ILQ, fxprimus, ic markets, pepperstone and smfx.
    Fxprimus and pepperstone work only if you find the right settings, they are very complicated, and, there is people saying they are cheating. I suggest you to take a look on smfx, i registered for an account there, but it is not activated yet…

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