Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 2

(Continues from here)

The pump and dump operation has officially started yesterday morning, at the opening of the markets, so the spammer sent more and more spam to ensure that millions of people will read it.
At the opening, millions of stocks were bought, making their value soar up to 1000% in a few hours.
There is who bought 723,500 shares at 0.0240 ($17,000): could be someone that knows the business, because it looks like he sold them in two parts:
  • 525,000 shares when the value was 0.08, making $42,000
  • 210,000 shares when the value was 0.06, making $12,600

Gaining $37,600 in less than two hours.
Or maybe the guy that last month bought 322,000 shares for less than $800 sold them at 0.06, making an huge profit (25 times!)
What will happen today? We will see it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 2”

  1. Hey Federico, I think you're right about it being someone who knows the business. I honestly think that the CFO, Robert Malasek, is in on it. I mean, just look at the other company he was CFO of, Siga Resources (SGAE). That company was pump and dumped, too.

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