Protip: don’t withdraw from “benchmark” accounts

Friday, my BreakON account reached the 20% profit in two months, so I decided to withdraw, halving the capital but keeping the same trade size: effectively doubling the risk.
Today I got a 140 pip loss, but, having halved the capital, the graph shows a cliff:
Today I lost 30 pips less than I lost on 13th december, but at a first glance it looks like I lost the double. Rightly, since the capital is halved compared to a month ago. (If on a 1000 euro account I lose 9 euro, it’s the 0.9%, but if the account is a 100 euro one, I lose the 9%)
In fact, on the profit tab, and on ZuluTrade, the situation is not THAT desperate.
Lesson learned: If you wanna keep a “benchmark” account to show performance on public, DON’T WITHDRAW and DON’T DEPOSIT, otherwise the graph will be distorted.
On the other side, some EA sellers could use this technique to distort the “verified” graph to their profit: if I got a 60 pip win, the graph would look wonderful.

Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 3

(Continues from here)

The operation started almost a week ago. The frenzy is almost ended, its value it’s three times from the initial value, but, seeing from the exchanged volume, it looks like it’s unsellable. In fact, with common stocks we can sell them anytime, because the market is huge, but with penny stocks, if nobody buys them, you can’t sell them.
Who bought it BEFORE the spam email or IMMEDIATELY at the market opening (read: who has experience in this game) made a lot of money, others…
I’ll come back to this after a few weeks, let’s see what will happen to LBTG.

Close MetaTrader for Android when you’re done

MetaTrader for Android is very useful (expecially with push notifications at every trade – it’s a bit tricky to set up, I will talk about it in future), but has an huge problem: if you keep it open, it will continue to poll data even with the screen locked and turned off, depleting the battery in few hours.
So, you need to always remember to close it by going back to home, because it does not detect inactivity and will continue to download tick data.
On the left the screenshot: it emptied my battery in two hours! I’m lucky that at work I have a microusb cable to recharge it…

10% discount on RobinVOL

I found a 10% discount coupon link for RobinVOL.

Click here to get the 10% discount

About the EA, I talked about it some months ago, it’s a long term strategy that many consider safe and valid.
Honestly, I don’t like to think “long term”: for months the equity will stay at the same level (today you win, tomorrow you lose, the day after tomorrow you win again) then, one day you will get a “big win” that will repay your time and patience.

For good results and recoup the annual subscription you need to have a big equity: it’s not an EA for everyone, but for who has enough patience (and capital) it will eventually give its fruits.

The stock market

Reading an old DecisionBar manual, I found this screenshot:

Shows the Apple ticket at $7.34… it looks almost impossible, if you think that today it’s quoted at $500 per share… and in year 2005 it had a split, doubling its value (if in 2002 you bought a share for $8, today it will be worth $1000).
Let’s continue a previous post, on the same manual I found a screenshot for RIMM, the maker of the BlackBerry, once the smartphone market leader.
In september its value was a tenth of this!
If you know the rules and have the right timing, you can make a lot of money with stocks, even, honestly, I prefer to stay out of this, after an huge hit taken for the 9/11… yes, many years were passed, but when I think to it I feel uncomfortable…
Anyway, if you like stocks, I suggest to buy RIMM, on 30th january they will introduce BlackBerry 10 and the new Z10 smartphone, I have a prototype and it’s very innovative.

Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 2

(Continues from here)

The pump and dump operation has officially started yesterday morning, at the opening of the markets, so the spammer sent more and more spam to ensure that millions of people will read it.
At the opening, millions of stocks were bought, making their value soar up to 1000% in a few hours.
There is who bought 723,500 shares at 0.0240 ($17,000): could be someone that knows the business, because it looks like he sold them in two parts:
  • 525,000 shares when the value was 0.08, making $42,000
  • 210,000 shares when the value was 0.06, making $12,600

Gaining $37,600 in less than two hours.
Or maybe the guy that last month bought 322,000 shares for less than $800 sold them at 0.06, making an huge profit (25 times!)
What will happen today? We will see it tomorrow.

Confirmed: I bring bad luck!

Less than ten hours ago I wrote a post about the positive results that my friend got with Ray Scalper.
This morning he calls me very angry: it got two consecutive bad trades!
Yeah… in the end it wasn’t THAT disaster… it’s just a 30 and 45 pips loss… for -75 pip. I think it’s acceptable 😉
Moreover, yesterday I said that yesterday was a bad day for trading EUR/USD, so it’s his fault, hahaha

Ray Scalper

A month ago, on an Italian forum an user was selling a Ray Scalper license for half the price. I read good words on it, and I wanted to buy it, then I went in holiday and when I came back it was already sold. What a pity.
A friend of mine instead bought it for the New Year holidays and today he shown me what result he had.
Whoa! I can’t believe it’s THAT powerful! (I suppose he is using default setting, but I am not 100% sure)
He was lucky, the official account lost a lot of money during holidays:
At this point I regret that I didn’t buy it at half the price!
It has a 100 pip stop loss, but it makes 20 pips a day, so it can recover fast.
I am thinking about buying it, it costs $350 (+ VAT if you are in Europe, unfortunately…) With a $1000 account I think it can recoup the initial costs in 2-3 months, if everything goes fine.

Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 1

Today I received this spam email:

A stranger suggests me to buy 90000 stocks of Liberty Coal Energy for a thousand dollars. At this moment, the price per stock is 1.1 cents. Right now the stock market is closed, because the third monday of january is national Holiday, so it’s not possible to buy them right now.
Those stocks are not traded daily, and when it happens, the volume is very low, for example on 11th january just $15 worth of stock were exchanged.
Looking at the graph, the scammer could have bought stocks at 0.26 cents on 22nd December, where there is the 322k exchanged shares peak in the volume, “investing” just $800. Since he invested in one day five times the average volume, the price rose up to 1 cent. His investment now is worth $3100, but only on paper: there is nobody to sell it in bulk, their value will be falling again.
So, he sent an email to everyone about a secret company acquisition for tomorrow 22nd january for a very high price: how many suckers will buy the stock? The price will rise? We will know tomorrow.