I’m so happy that I didn’t buy CypherFX

Do you remember? Three weeks ago I was thinking about buying Cypher FX.
Then I decided to don’t buy it.
Today a visitor left a comment on the page, praising the bot performances.

I took a quick glance to the graph and I thought “Hey, it’s still good!”.
Then I watched the date.
They don’t update it from the 23rd november, date of the big disaster! (Well, I presume that, many on DonnaForex had a big loss on that date)
The demo account, instead, it’s still in positive gain. But it’s not verified. What does it means? On myfxbook you can upload trades via FTP, with a protocol that can be faked easily. Just remove the losing trades before the upload and you are done!
This is suspicious. The real account, verified (that means: myfxbook, using their read-only password, logins in their metatrader account and checks if the trades are real or not) is not updated from three weeks, while the useless demo account is not verified, can be faked, does not have any loss and it’s still updated.
Moreover, in my last post, I expressed my doubts about the genuinity of the followers count in their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Today, after three weeks, they almost have the same numbers. It’s so obvious that they added fake followers in bulk. The graph on right shows the growth of Facebook “likes”. How is possible that now, just two people in a week likes them, while in November, when they were just launched, 1500 people a week liked them?

4 thoughts on “I’m so happy that I didn’t buy CypherFX”

  1. Tualatin is back, after having kept for a long period EURCHF long positions finally I have closed them and open new one. For the next period I will increase pip profit by allowing max 1.6 k pips DD then I will reduce max open positions and keep DD as low as 500 pips.

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