End of the “ZuluTrade scalping” experiment

A month ago I wrote about my ZuluTrade scalping strategy.
a perfect world, it’s safe money: 10-15 pips per trade, about 6 consecutive wins, and in an unlucky day you lose just 35 pips.
But, with the high spread, off quotes, stop level, I got just 4-6 pips per trade and it’s hard to even go breakeven.
In demo it was working wonderfully, with real money it did not work at all, giving me a 100 euro loss in a month, so the strategy will be put on a shelf

4 thoughts on “End of the “ZuluTrade scalping” experiment”

  1. Are you thinking about putting a new strategy in Zulutrade? How is your account doing by the way? Whom are you copying right now?

  2. Didnt know about FE Trend Scalper zulu provider , are you generally happy with his performance? Good luck with your new strategy!

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