New signal: BreakON

I opened a new live account with drcrck‘s breakout strategy.
If you have ZuluTrade you can follow the signal BreakON.

Since ZuluTrade doesn’t offer a precise way to calculate the risk, but has just that “risk-o-meter” that doesn’t mean much, I coded a calculator. Choose how much of your equity you can lose in an unlucky day, and it will tell you what’s the right size for you.

Open the calculator in a new window

The account statement is also available on Myfxbook, by clicking on the graph below:

How it works:

Every day the system makes 6 trades, only 3 at the same time, no hedging. The first trade has a large take profit, the second a less large, and the third is tight, to lock the profit. Each trade has a fixed stop loss at 35 pips, limiting your losses. At midnight all the trades are closed, in profit or not: I don’t like to keep them open for a long time.

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