Apple vs BlackBerry

Playing with the new Android MetaTrader app (it’s available also for the iPhone), I found that with FXPRIMUS you can also trade on main stocks from NYSE and Hong Kong SE (for example: HSBC, Tencent, Pingan, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Starbucks, Yahoo, etc…)
I watched what happened on the value of Apple after the launch of the iPhone 5, a total success in terms of sales, but, according to some experts, it was disappointing: nothing new under the Sun. Before the launch, the stock value rise to set a new record at $702 on the iOS6 launch day. And now?

After set a new record, the stock is going down (but its value it’s still high)
Instead, what happens in the opposite side of the match, on the RIM stock value, the BlackBerry makers?

They once ruled the smartphone market share, with a de-facto monopoly on the “business” phones, but now they have just a minimal share: I own a BlackBerry 9300 and it’s very outdated compared to my HTC Android, even if they have the same “age”. Yes, the few functions are done quickly and the battery lasts a lot while my HTC dies in less than a day, but there is the feeling that they rested on their laurels for a long time.
But, in the last 24 months, the R&D was active, made many strategic acquisitions (for example: QNX – unix-based operating system, TAT – the studio who designed the Android user interface, Documents to Go – the best Office suite for PalmOS and Android, Torch Mobile – the best browser for Windows Mobile, etc…) and at the end of september they announced that the 30th of january the first BlackBerry 10 handset will be on sale. I own a preview prototype, and it’s awesome.
In the last years the stock got depreciated, falling from the $140 of the pre-iPhone era to a measly $6, reached on 24th september 2012. The day after, the 25th september 2012, in San Jose, California, BlackBerry 10 has been officialized, this is how the market reacted:
What will happen in the future?

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