That’s why I don’t like “normal” signal providers in ZuluTrade

In the last post, a commenter asked me why on my ZuluTrade account I only follow losing signals, reversing their trades.
The answer is this:
Even if Hertcz at the end of the month has a great result, I hate that, like many others, he continues to insist on a losing trade.
Yes, if AUD/USD comes back to the predicted price, we get a great result, with a good recovery, but the problem is that nobody can predict the market with a 100% certainty, and a such behaviour can lead to huge losses (see the Forex Cruise Control disaster and many others)
Instead, a losing signal won’t care to recover.
Of course, it won’t be “set and forget”: the situation won’t last forever, probably, or you can get profits killed by the spread, when you invert the trades, making a manual/automatic management via Metatrader 4 mandatory. Or you can just find a “cheating” signal that just sends an intentionally losing signal just to make money out of commissions (for example, there was an Italian gui that opened an closed a lot of trades: the spread made them instant losers… and reversing tham you got the same result…)

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