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Finally I found the right way to do scalping on AAAFx and ZuluTrade, until now was impossible due to the high stop level!

I also added a slightly edited version of drcrck’s daily breakout strategy. (What I changed is to “slow down” the order entry, because of a ZuluTrade limitation and to “flatten” the orders, instead to augment them)

I started on friday, 26th october, (so, please ignore the horrible results that I’ve got before that date: it were experiments), but the results I got are very promising!

The stop loss is set around 35-50 pip, the take profit is around 15 pip.

The signal is GBP Mania. (Even though I don’t trade the uk pound very often)

This signal it’s still in beta, I need testers to try it in demo, preferably on an unlimited demo account to see what happens with slippage.

11 thoughts on “Follow me in demo”

    1. Of course they are bad, with a stop level of 14 pips, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do scalping on AAAFx… if you don't use a "trick" that I had to fine-tune in the last months.
      The losses at the beginning of the signal were generated by EA Boss: sl 120 pip.
      Then, since it was a demo, I tried the Nanningbob system, having a margin call (see the huge loss?)
      This signal is for experiments, that's why I am asking to follow in demo. (If you see, there is a crazy guy is using it in live… that is me, hahaha)

    2. hello there, i am the annonimous from the previous post.
      as far as i know scalping is kinda risky and not preferable among traders, although i do see many doing some sort of scalping techniques.
      well, afterallif this doesnt work you can always keep it to your manual trading and usuing somewhat smother to suit the zulutrade environment, no?

    3. Well, in demo this strategy is very good. 15 pip gain per trade with 88% winning trades in the past year. So it seems good. But, when going with real money, the spread is high, so the take profit get lowered to 8 pip, and most of them don't get it…

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