Follow me in demo

Finally I found the right way to do scalping on AAAFx and ZuluTrade, until now was impossible due to the high stop level!

I also added a slightly edited version of drcrck’s daily breakout strategy. (What I changed is to “slow down” the order entry, because of a ZuluTrade limitation and to “flatten” the orders, instead to augment them)

I started on friday, 26th october, (so, please ignore the horrible results that I’ve got before that date: it were experiments), but the results I got are very promising!

The stop loss is set around 35-50 pip, the take profit is around 15 pip.

The signal is GBP Mania. (Even though I don’t trade the uk pound very often)

This signal it’s still in beta, I need testers to try it in demo, preferably on an unlimited demo account to see what happens with slippage.

The price of protection

Some time ago I bought a scalper EA. Recently it has been cracked (partially, it doesn’t authenticate with the server and doesn’t download the right set file for the pair, giving to the pirate a big economic loss), hence its programmers decided to protect it with MQLLock, making it uncrackable (at least, in theory).
How are the performances? Awful! After I installed the update, encrypted with MQLLock, it uses a lot of CPU share!
I run twelve instances of this EA, so the problem it’s serious… this is the history graph of the CPU usage in the past week:
After I installed version 1.20 (the first to use MQLLock), everything gone bad! It also continues to run even when the market is closed! And it doesn’t only use more CPU, it does use a lot more RAM!
One gigabyte of memory for 6 graphs with 50 bars! It should use 35 times less!
I’m lucky that my server is oversized

Systems won’t last forever

Last year, Tim Fass and his iQuant arrived second at the automated trading championship, making $85k out of $10k in just three months.
After that, he continued to improve it, to adapt it to the current market conditions.  (I subscribed to his newsletter)
This year he joined the championship again… but the result it’s a little different…
Maybe he was just unlucky at the beginning, or maybe the settings are too aggressive, in order the make the most money in the least time, but I am impressed to see that last year it had a great result, while this year it doesn’t…

Can you make money with forex?

Today on the myfxbook blog the results of the latest “who is gonna earn more” contest has been published.
Since it’s a demo, and since the goal is to earn the most, everyone traded at maximum risk… and I think that most newbies would do the same… me too, at the beginning, I was thinking that risking up to 10% of the capital for each trade was a great idea… and it didn’t end well… (here the public profile)
The final result is this:
Almost everyone lost virtual money in this competition.

OddBot PRO

I tried OddBot PRO for three weeks. The result was good, it’s more accurate than the “common” OddBot:
It has just one flaw: its price. The license it’s £300/year and it works on one account only. To just make the license cost, setting the risk per trade at 2%, if the market behaviour doesn’t change, you need at least $3000 on your account. Hence, to be safe, you need at least $10k-$15k…

That’s why I don’t like “normal” signal providers in ZuluTrade

In the last post, a commenter asked me why on my ZuluTrade account I only follow losing signals, reversing their trades.
The answer is this:
Even if Hertcz at the end of the month has a great result, I hate that, like many others, he continues to insist on a losing trade.
Yes, if AUD/USD comes back to the predicted price, we get a great result, with a good recovery, but the problem is that nobody can predict the market with a 100% certainty, and a such behaviour can lead to huge losses (see the Forex Cruise Control disaster and many others)
Instead, a losing signal won’t care to recover.
Of course, it won’t be “set and forget”: the situation won’t last forever, probably, or you can get profits killed by the spread, when you invert the trades, making a manual/automatic management via Metatrader 4 mandatory. Or you can just find a “cheating” signal that just sends an intentionally losing signal just to make money out of commissions (for example, there was an Italian gui that opened an closed a lot of trades: the spread made them instant losers… and reversing tham you got the same result…)