SteadyWinner on GBPUSD

When I want to use “strange” strategies, new systems, settings or else, of course I use a demo account. (This is the public profile – you can copy it with ZuluTrade, but I don’t suggest it, it’s devoted for experiments)
If you remember it, a month ago I wrote that I would have stopped to use SteadyWinner free.
In fact, the winning ratio is high, but when it loses, loses too much. I didn’t remove and delete it, I put on demo on the  GBP/USD pair, instead of the recommended EUR/USD pair.
In a month it traded much less, just 7 trades, but it didn’t perform too bad, this is the complete report of all the demo experiments:
(Notes on the report: #7 and #10 are censored because it’s a good EA, but I set it wrongly, the bad result is my fault. EA Boss looks great, but it was crashing my platform every day at 11pm, causing losses for hundreds of pips (not pictured here for an unknown reason). It would be interesting to reverse the #12, but it’s just a trade copier from a remote server, so I am not sure how reliable it is in long term)
In this five weeks SteadyWinner free on GBPUSD had a better performance than the Euro/Dollar default setting, although much more slow (just 7 trades).

I’ll continue to keep it in demo for more time.

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