RobinVOL review

After reading stellar reviews on the DonnaForex forum, I asked to my friend to lend me his RobinVOL license for a month. This EA costs $395 + $195/year and promises wonderful results.
Is that true? Since my friend decided to don’t use it in the summer period “for safety”, I forward tested it from the 13th august to the 13th september with 0.01 lot. How it was?

The result after 30 days is disappointing: it was almost breakeven. Don’t forget it’s a long term strategy. In fact, using it in “full week”, ending in friday, 14th, the result was better.

Will I continue to use it? No, I already removed it and gave back the license to my friend. As I said in the past, I don’t really like long term strategy, as they give me anxiety. Moreover, in order to recover the high license costs, you have to invest a lot of money, it looks like with a $1000 account, at the end of the year you will just recover the license price.
Then, according to someone on the Internet, this system it’s inspired to Forex Growth Bot, a famous $129 trend following EA that’s around from 2010. On myfxbook you can find people that is using it from january 2011 and it’s almost breakeven.

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