11 thoughts on “An awful week”

    1. Those two are not bad! Good, I'll start following them in demo!

      I follow Memory and Computer, but their trades must be reversed and monitored with an external EA, because their take profit it's too low to work in a real account

    2. why on earth are you following these guys? there are much more better traders and with positive PnL as well. keep looking! check who are others following as well šŸ˜‰

    3. because if reversed and managed, they show consistent, reliable results. I got burned too many times by providers that worked well for some time, then "became crazy"

  1. Are you actually following bad traders and put them on reverse in zulu ? Have this thing worked for you? It looks like a interesting strategy

    1. yes, this is my real account: http://www.zulutrade.com/Follower.aspx?ref=1&id=716760
      (ignore the forex cruise control disaster on june…)
      What's good about it, is that, since bad providers won't get paid, they won't try suicide trades at the end of the months just to get rebates

      Unfortunately, since to the high spread and the near take profit, they need to be managed with an external EA… this can lead to huge slippage when the program crashes or get an error 130 on metatrader (happened many times, lost 400 pips this way…)

      I need to refine this strategy.

    2. Could you please explain what do you mean when you say that they have to be managed with an external EA? I feel that there are still a lot new things i can learn in zulutrade.

    3. Some brokers, for example aaafx, will give full access to the metatrader 4 platform. Using that, you can install a program to manage the zulutrade trades, for example closing them at x pips and much more

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