Tualatin and denganyouqianle

I’m following in a demo account Tualatin and denganyouqianle from a few weeks.

What’s good about those signals, besides the fact that aren’t profitable as others, is that they don’t continue in a direction until the account is burned.
The first is managed by an Italian guy, I wrote a partially bad review some time ago, because, by mixing forex trading with gold trading, the stats were “faked”. But now it looks like it is working in a good way. I’ll try it in demo for another month, then I will decide what to do.
The second is managed by a Chinese, (denganyouqianle means “wait for me until I got money”, hahaha, study Chinese paid off). In the past it worked very well (in fact in July he was on top in the ZuluTrade rank), but now is not as profitable as it used to be. I’ll continue to try it in demo for another month, then I will decide what to do.
The demo account that I am using to follow them is this.

Enough with LMAX

Just a little more than a month ago, LMAX was placed in the list of the brokers unsuitable for NumberOne.

I did not close the account yet, hoping in good news in a short term.
Today, looking information on Euronis, another night scalper, I found the answer.
This is the behavior of Euronis v7000 on ILQ:

Instead, this is the behavior of the same Expert Advisor on LMAX:

Seeing this I only have one option…