RoboForex gives $15 for free! Or not?

Some time ago I received a message. If I opened an account with RoboForex I would have got $15 for free. The promotion, now over, promised $15 to new customers.
Me? I said “Yay!!! Free money!!!”
I subscribed, I gave id card, proof of residence, mobile phone with sms verification, and I followed the instructions to get the bonus – not extremely easy, you have to install a special expert advisor to do that (weird)
Guess what? According their expert advisor I already got the bonus!
I ask for explanations:

Hello, i just open a new account, want to do the no deposit bonus. Did SMS verification, installed mt4, logged in, i run verify_client on a graph, enter my verification code and I get “fail to get bonus.” Reboot MT4, try again, i get “You have already got welcome bonus”
I did not got any bonus, what I can do?

Their reply:

You’ve got the message “You have already got Welcome bonus”. That means the automatic system, which checks the recurrent bonus transfer and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts, has rejected your request to get the bonus.
Maybe it was somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it
if the system has rejected you, there’s no way to get the bonus from our company

Somebody used my PC??? To steal just $15?? Funny, hahaha
I reply:

I followed every step, verified my phone, and there is no somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it, because its a dedicated server with a fixed ip address registered to my company for the last 5 years.
If you cheat me on $15, how I can trust you to give real money?
Please close my account immediately and add my email and phone number to your do not contact list

And theirs:

The bonus system operates automatically, so there’s no way to interfere somehow on that process.
Your profile has been blocked.

The question that I should have asked to myself is: why they give money for free? Maybe they think that the average customer would do a bigger deposit.
The fact is this: I gave all my personal data, id card, bank statement, phone to an untrusted third party for just the promise of $15.
I’m dumb.

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