How to get an unlimited ZuluTrade demo account

Updated may 2013: the guide has been updated and it’s available here.

Outdated guide (not working):

Did you find a nice ZuluTrade signal provider? Do you want to follow him, right?

The best action is to open a demo account and try his strategy on long term.
The problem is that the demo accounts lasts just 30 days, so in some cases you can’t really evaluate a signal.
Well, I got a good news for you: there is a way to open unlimited demo accounts.
The method it’s a bit long, but I will try to explain it in the easiest way.
First of all you need a main demo account: open one through this link. This account will be the unlimited one, so choose the desidered equity and leverage.
Activate the account by clicking in the email you received and voilà, we are in our demo account, enabled and operating!
Now, go to “Profile” and then “Public profile”
Enable the public profile by clicking on the button:
Now you have to logout from ZuluTrade, otherwise the next step will fail. I repeat: press “logout” on top right and exit the session.
Logged out? Go to the demo public page, for example and click on Open account
Do the same steps to open another demo account.
If we used the same email to register the two demo accounts, a dropdown menu will appear, to switch between them.
This is the second demo account:
As you see, the second demo account will expire in 29 days.
Shall we see when the first demo account will expire? Here it is:
The first demo account we opened has become unlimited!!!
Great, right?

6 thoughts on “How to get an unlimited ZuluTrade demo account”

    1. i tried two days ago, it works perfectly, you did not follow the instructions correctly
      try to login to the first demo account you created, there shoulnd't be any expiration date

    2. I think you are just setting up people making them open accounts as referred by you:
      first http:// "forexperimenti"
      and then: id=605436
      Your update of the guide was just changing the id number… or something.

    3. No, that part of the step (my referral) is optional.
      That referral is not essential, as 1. You are signing up as demo and 2. You will open a new demo account with yourself as a referral. The guide has been updated at the first link, on the top. You have to press it and open.

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