Following Forex Cruise Control, I’m down of a lot of pips.

Two accounts were burned by the margin call, while an account with AVAFX is resisting.
With the election in Greece, FCC decided to do hedging (go in both ways), to compensate losses having wins on the other side.

Everything ok? NO!

I got this error!

Did not change Limit from Forex Cruise Control BUY GBP/USD, reason: Broker rejected value.

So, the take profit wasn’t changed, my BUY were closed, leaving opened the SELL ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the election happening tomorrow!!!!!!


It also happened in the past? Of course! For example:

Did not change Stop to 1.54452 for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor SELL GBP/USD, broker ticket: 38080081, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Can’t place order so close to the market price: .0007 < .0008

Did not Close trade for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor BUY EUR/USD, broker ticket: 38022208, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable. Please retry.

The last error is AWFUL!
Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable??????? So I have to end with a loss for your fault????

I used the word scam, but it’s obvious that AVAFX doesn’t intentionally cheats their customers – it’s just a bug of their ZuluTrade interface, because instead of being based on MetaTrader, is based on ActForex

10 thoughts on “AVAFX is a SCAM!”

  1. Maybe you should go with AAAfx which integrates very well with zulutrade? I am using them and everything works fine.

  2. Sorry 2 hear that mate!!
    Imho, you should change your broker, there was quite some slippage going on last month with FCC but it got resolved with his new account that he opened with aaafx.

    1. Yes I read your story last month, terrible… luckily I lost "just" 1500 euro with AVAFx, so I don't know if a legal action it's worth.
      They recently did the audit for my case, and they said that it's not their fault, the stop level is 40 pips (LOL????), so the take profit modification couldn't be executed – they won't refund me for their error.

  3. I wouldn't say that AVAFX were a scam, I'd rather say that they don't provide decent provision for those using automated trading techniques. AAAFx and a few other brokers seem the best when it comes to ZuluTrade social trading and things.

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