How to ask the Megadroid refund

Ask the Megadroid refund it’s very easy, here is how I did:

First, find the confirmation mail from ClickBank. On the bottom you’ll see:


If you need additional customer service ClickBank is happy to assist you. You can also view and manage your orders online, 24 hours a day. Please visit:

Click the link and you will land on a product management page.
Now, click on “For assistance…”, then on the dropdown menu select “more options”, and on the next dropdown menu select “Refund”. Select a reason to ask the refund (I chose “unsatisfied”) and a brief note with the motivation, this is mine, for example.

The product does not work as advertised, this is my analysis

An assistance ticket will be opened, after some hours an operator will offer you the complete refund, and after a few days you’ll also get the complete refund on PayPal/Credit Card

The Expert Advisor will be immediately deactivated:

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