Enough with Tecnotrader

Tecnotrader it’s a provider that every evening sends pending orders buy/sell according to the trend. (I think that it’s inspired to FOREXTECHNO – the style is similar).
Until a couple of months ago, it was profitable, it was active on an italian forum (so you could get good communication), and I put a lot of trust on him. Then, he disappeared from that forum, he closed the website, transfered management in Belarus, does not answer to comments and, most of all, it’s losing too often for my tastes.
Has the captain already abandoned the sinking ship?
In theory the FOREXTECHNO technique it’s good: stop loss at 20 pips and take profit at 200 pip, with a winning ratio of 30%, it’s theoretically profitable.
But, if in the year 2006 this technique could work, today we are in a world where markets are controlled by rumors sent by twitter, it’s impossible to predict the trend like that.
I lost too much money with it, deleted.

Ps: with my luck, I guess that tomorrow it will start generating profits again, ahah

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