Day 1 of Experiment 1

Yesterday I got the idea to manage with an external EA the ZuluTrade trades.
How was the day one?
The four trades were closed 40 minutes earlier with an about 50 pip profit. The signal instead waited a little longer, making the double.
Did I broke my own rule, said three months ago? Who am I, inexperienced trader, to mess with the decisions of a professional trader? I manually fiddled and I made less money.
Do I regret that? Absolutely not! The trading style of 20pips winers it’s too dangerous for my tastes, in this way I can sleep better.
We will see in long term how it will end.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of Experiment 1”

  1. So how are your profits in zulutrade so far? Are you getting good results? Are you happy with the service? What are the main disadvantages you think of? I want to try zulutrade too.

  2. magnetic_dud – this is totally correct.
    i was also having the same problem, you know how i managed to somewhat get rid of it – i choose SP trading diff types of pair…to somewhat try to differentiate the risk 😉

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