April ZuluTrade report

How my real ZuluTrade accounts performed in April?
Quite good, I’ll say.

Main account: AAAFx

Unfortunately Tecnotrader uglified the graph a lot, nullifying the efforts of the other providers. I’ll leave him enabled hoping in a recovery, then it will finish in the trash can,
Secondary account: FXDD
On this account I run only Forex Cruise Control, to see if I get different results compared to AAAFx (actually I opened it to see if I could reduce slippage with another losing provider)
If it continues like that, next month I will reach my profit goal, and I will withdraw everything. (With forex, until you withdraw money, it’s like you don’t have them)

Tertiary accunt: AvaFX

This unlucky account (crazily high slippage, constant requotes, cancelled orders), this month was lucky, that negative peak happened when I enabled a provider that almost killed the account some time ago… experience does not teach anything, apparently.

8 thoughts on “April ZuluTrade report”

    1. on the 2nd and 3rd account the goal is 20% of the starting capital. Once met, I will close them. (Because I opened them just to experiment with slippage, spread and execution time)
      In general, my goal is a million, hahaha

  1. So are you generally happy with this zulutrade service? What are the main advantages and disadvantages in your opinion?

    1. i am generally happy. The main advantage it's that it works while you sleep, the computer does not need to be turned on, the main disadvantage is lack of communication between the provider and finding a reliable one that you can trust over time even when it is losing

  2. By lack of communication you mean they dont have a live chat? Because i see they have a comment section where you can talk to the provider + they have a very active forum.

    1. The comment is just a comment, when it's losing people will say "aaaa this signal is the worst", when it's winning people will say "yeeeee this signal is great". Unless the signal opens a topic on the forum explaining its strategy, there is no communication, except if the signal updates the comment on his page. I like to have a communication, like the provider says which money management to use for his strategy or something else.

  3. hello guys are you still trading with zulu…after so long? hope you managed to get some lovely results !!

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