Megadroid works only in dreams

Those are the trades of today:

(The last row is SteadyWinner)
Today, Megadroid, as usual, even if traded for $6000, did the same poor result, with the second trade that is actually losing, due to the ECN commissions. (And then: why the stoploss and the takeprofit are set to zero? I disabled the stealth mode)
Where the cuck are the millions promised??? Let’s go to see?
This is a screenshot from the website:
First of all there isn’t a column with pip gains, but only for profits. And they are gorgeous! $17000, $5000, $14000: wowwww!!!!
Ok, now watch the lot size column: it’s ridiculously high!!
In the operation 355 it is trading with more than $3 million!!! If you replicate in an average “amateur” account, this trade profited… $0.42!
And the operation 346? $193, not bad. Ok, but it is working with almost $2 million! In my account it would have made 3 cents… minus 16 cents for the commission = 13 cents loss!
Conclusion: the data on the Megadroid website is pure garbage: it’s theoretical data of what it could be happened if in the year 2001 you invested $10000 with Megadroid.
The problem is that Megadroid has been published in the year 2009, so it wouldn’t be possible to invest $10000 with it in the year 2001…

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