I tried a Tradency demo with my broker. It’s something similar to ZuluTrade, with much more eyecandy, but much less functional, because it’s made in Flash (so you can’t open multiple pages or something else).
The way to choose the signals it’s crazy, the stats are very limited, there is no backtest: you just blindly pick one and hope it’s a winning one.
The demo it’s given with a fixed amount of money: 50000 dollars, an irrealistic amount that won’t produce any decent result. Moreover the demo it’s time limited in 30 days, so it’s impossible to try long term strategies. Also ZuluTrade demos are time limited, but there is a glitch to have them unlimited.

Update: the demo is not limited to 30 days, but is limited until the end of the month. Absolutely useless!

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  1. What is the glitch that make zulutrade demo unlimited? And with tradency how many providers have you seen , are there many users there?

    1. In tradency there are about 100 providers, can't give rating, can't see how many users (no forum, no talk, no good evaluation).
      Lost 15000 dollars in the demo, using the top10 providers

      To make an unlimited zulutrade demo, open a public page, and register another demo as a referrer. The old demo will become unlimited.
      If is not clear, I can write a post about this.

    2. Thanks for the tip about unlimited demo account. I wonder why some brokers do partner with tradency , i cant see why someone would preffer mirror trader from zulutrade platform.

    3. Ok mirror trader may have better graphs , but why bother trading manually there? On a flash based website? I dont find any plus to that.

    4. Maybe if someone is too lazy to install metatrader… or if it's addicted to gambling – there is a feature that is a prompt like this: "guyxx is trading short eurusd, you want to copy?" With no other information about the trading strategy, lol

    5. lol yeah it their so called semi-mirroring service , i saw it at demo and frankly couldnt understand why it is there , what is the poing of copying some random provider.

  2. I tried yesterday to get one of those "no deposit bonus" account (with Roboforex). Gave them a lot of personal data, and in the end the redeem code was not redeemable… 🙁

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