NumberOne live forward testing ended

Due to a strange locking error that NumberOne gave me yesterday, and since the free trial expires tonight, I decided to end the live forward testing of NumberOne and SteadyWinner; this is the result:
(the profit is small because the equity was minimal)
Unfortunately, due to that general error of yesterday, NumberOne on Pepperstone missed a beautiful 10 pips trade (that makes 30 euro with the lot settings), and everything would have been sweeter.
Those two weeks were a little bit disappointing, but, with the traded lots and the paid commissions that exceed the profits, I should get around 20 euro from Cashbackforex at the and of April, not bad if I consider the small equity.
From tomorrow NumberOne is not free anymore, for now I won’t buy it because, with the small capital in my account it will be impossible to recoup the cost of the (expensive) annual licence.
SteadyWinner for small accounts, the free version that I use, limited to trade a microlot, had a good result compared to the equity, but if it was bigger, it wouldn’t have been worthy, maybe the $88 full version would be more profitable, but for now I am not interested to buy it.

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