Let’s try SteadyWinner

As I said in the previous post, recently I was disappointed of my signal providers on ZuluTrade. It seems impossible that something that worked perfectly for months, suddenly creates huge losses.
So I started to search some Expert Advisor: for trusting a robot and don’t interfere with its actions, I need to understand its strategy. Look at My Best Systems, he almost killed my Zulutrade account, with a sudden strategy change. The chart looks very good, but nobody recovered in that way, unless had unlimited funds. The provided gambled, with a sink or swim move.
Between the thousands of Expert Advisors that you can find on the Internet, I found SteadyWinner; does look good, and it’s free for small accounts (you can use also with a big account, but it won’t open as many lots).
The annual ROI is very low, but with 4-5 monthly trades, you can’t get more. It’s interesting because it’s fully automatic, opens positions according to the available margin, to minimize the risk.
I got convinced to try it just because it has the free demo before buy, let’s see how it will perform, I enabled it on a VPS that I already own (due to the low ROI, it doesn’t make sense to rent one just for this, unless you invest thousands), let’s see the results in a few months.

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