Automated trading must be automated

What’s great about automated trading it’s that it’s automated. You wake up in the morning and you see that you have made 200 pips (or maybe you have lost them). Something that happens, due to human nature, it’s to interfere with the opened positions: close them in advance, and so on. But, if we chose a good signal, a responsible one, and we trust him, why interfere. Yes, it’s true that we can get some additional pips, but we can also lose more.
Let’s make some examples.
I found a very promising signal that, with his MM250 money management system, has a very good risk/reward ratio (more info on
When he can get on the right trend, can do huge jumps. Obviously, those jumps won’t happen in a few seconds, but in hours, and in the process there will be high and lows. If you stop them while they are rising, you can get an immediate profit, and in short term it can be a good idea. In demo I never thought to close them manually, but with real money, seeing those nice profits, it’s a tentation to think “let’s close halfway and took the profit home”. If you do that, the strategy will change, and in long term you will lose money.
In the disaster happened two weeks ago, GOLD MAX FX was losing a lot and I deleted it from the signal provider list. By doing this, its positions become orphaned, and were not closed automatically. I thought that it was a good idea to left them open to wait for better days. Instead the euro was stronger and I lost much more money than what I would have lost if I followed the signal..

Greediness it’s a problem

I knew that it was risky to choose some signal providers.
But they showed so nice profits!
I calculated to double my capital every 3 months with this signals… too good to be true?
Yes, too good to be true.
The reason of that they were so “winning” it’s that they never lose... they continue to buy and buy losing position until they are winning.
Moral: I wiped the profits made in the last 3 months.
I already got a similar experience in demo, but with virtual money you don’t get the same lesson and experience that you get with real money.
I remove every “get rich quick” signals like Gainers-Mx, GOLD MAX FX, ap-zulu and Thirty Pips, I replaced them with other signals with a decent money management, and I am ready to start again!
Yes, some of this systems win only in 30% of the cases, but with the right money management, they are much safer and profitable than the “100% winning” ones.