A bitter Christmas

The last weeks were useless, I complained on this blog.
Then, on Monday, the north korean leader died, signals operating in asian market times acted crazily, both Forex Cruise Control and High Profit Factor, went down a lot…
Why? In my opinion this is due to the new compensation policy of ZuluTrade: if the month ends in a loss, the provider won’t get commissions.
Since both providers made just 150 pips in December, closing the positions would have meant renounce to a lot of money to both… they preferred to keep them opened, betting on a raise.
Forex Cruise Control kept them open until today, closing in loss, but trying to end the month positively, opening other 5 position “outside the usual” (so my account did not open them, due to the 3 positions limit that I gave); High Profit Factor kept them open for a while, closed them, and, even if the market had low liquidity, opened new positions and closed them in loss trying to recover the commissions!!!

In the end I lost 50 euro.
ZuluTrade, thanks for changing the policy. You say it’s to protect the followers, but it’s obvious that you just want to make more money,

Improved backtesting feature in ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade today has updated its backtesting platform. Just go in the account settings and press the new Backtest button on the top.

In comparison with the old feature, it’s slower but it’s much much more accurate, you can set different time settings, different take profit and stop loss points, different providers and so on.

So, this is a simulation of some settings that I can set:

60k euro in 6 months! Unfortunately it’s not my real configuration… haha… ha… (no, I don’t have 5k euro to waste in an experiment)

Instead, my real configuration is this:

oops…. (the account died for insufficient equity)

edit: there is something wrong, backtesting 3 months with my settings gives me incredibly high values – too different from the results that I got in 45 days…

The third useless week in a row

For the third time in a row, this week had a draw.

Ap-zulu on monday did a lot of money, but tuesday lost the double he made.
Slowly the other providers recovered the situation, but there are two losing positions from Ap-zulu in loss, left open during the weekend. What will happen on monday?
Moreover, Christmas is coming, the trading volume will be lower than common time (so it will be better to not trade).
It was good that I did not trust the ap-zulu strategy (that is: continue to invest in the losing position until it goes high… it can lead to huge losses and even to the death of the account!), so by allowing only two positions I limited the damage.