Two weeks with BreakON

Two weeks ago I announced BreakON, the ZuluTrade signal based on drcrck’s breakout strategy (about him: take a look to his two new creations: BreakIN and XITD Grid). How it was?
The graph speaks by itself:

The ZuluTrade graph insteas is less “awesome” like the myfxbook one, because the maximum drawdown on a trade marks a negative peak, probably they did this modification to deter risky trading strategies…

…but on my ZuluTrade control panel I see the “right” graph
  • Anonimo

    so, you have make only 48 usd this is from following or is your signal's gain?……either way the graph you still got some sweet dd..(being ironic with the last part)

    • Where do you see 48 USD? Breakon is this

      The signal is new, has just two live followers in live for now. One is me then there is another person. (more followers in demo, but the information shown only to the owner)

    • You meant $49.53? It's the necessary minimum equity to follow this signal safely (the lower, the better)

    • Ah, got it! You meant in my screenshot. It's how much money the followers were investing in my signal.